Plova Tiles LLP.

For an item, genuine progress comes when it is distinguished as a brand by individuals. plova is that brand for the majority and we seek to become perhaps of the most loved brand through development and devotion.

As we seek to be one of the best brands of the world, we trust in rising together. We think beyond practical boundaries collectively and our own are aggregate dreams as we believe our representatives should have a feeling of satisfaction and reason for them to feel really associated with the significant piece of our lives.

One of our objectives is to make an eco-accommodating model of creation to construct a model until the end of our units to follow.

Plova tiles our vision is to turn into the forerunner in the Ceramic Tile Industry both in quality and creativity. We wish to give lovely item recognized quality in a best in class producing climate keeping an extremely cutthroat cost. To make our items inside simple reach of each and every potential client our fantasy is to grow our dissemination organization to each side of the country. We wish to determine each plan thoughts of mortgage holders, manufacturers, engineers, project workers and designers into a reality. Plova tiles we need to make each plan in Ceramic tile conceivable through tireless examination and execution process.

Plova Tiles enthusiastically has confidence in individuals who have fabricated this effective business . We ought to be generally glad for the excellent business we have made and recollect the center this has been based upon.

We are manufacturer and Exporter of ceramic wall tiles, Parking, Double Charge, Porcelain, Gvt/Pgvt, Full Body, High Depth Elevation, Hexegonal, Poster Tiles, Sanitaryware, All types of Sink and Elevation Items.


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Plova tiles is one of the prevalent tile producers situated in Morbi, Gujarat. Beginning around 2017, on Plova tiles, we try for flawlessness over impersonation. Fabricating the best quality has been our great worry since we started. Plova tiles have a significant presence in the cutting-edge tile space due to their large-scale production line region and a team of helpful experts. Plova Tiles offers many tile series in various sizes and plans. All items are fabricated to fulfil worldwide guidelines. Plova Tiles is, by and large, a development organisation in which we strive to go beyond perfection. Until now, our organisation has been one of the most moderate and dynamic associations in the ceramic area of India. Plova Tiles is delivering many plans with various styles and series to hot sell all over the world, such as the United States, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Sri Lanka, and so on. The items have endorsements to show off their abilities. For example, ISO 9001: 2017 Certification, through the company's interminable innovative catalyst and the item's dependable quality. Because of the cutting-edge innovations, steady examination and improvement, and execution-driven culture, Plova tiles are currently a prevailing association in the realm of tile producing.